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NEW: 1/35 French VBL light armored vehicle NO.4603

《Introduction to the Real Vehicle》Panhard VBL was an existing light armored reconnaissance vehicle in French Army (1987- present). It was designed and produced by French Panhard Company. The 4X4 all-terrain mode made the tank capable of high maneuverability and cross-country travelling. The front wheels used dual-A suspension. What was unique was the rear wheels used the torsion bar suspension which was only applied in tank. Consequently, the pair of rear wheels were not on the same line if you are looking from the side. VBL vehicle body used the high strength and high rigidity steel armored welding structure with the thickness of 5-115 mm, so it was capable of  defending the attack of  armor piercing shell with the dimension 7.62mm in a short distance. The glass window was also made of bulletproof glass with the thickness of 33-49mm with the same protection performance. In addition, the rear side of this vehicle was armed with a propeller waterborne propulsion device.The sax-board at the front of vehicle shall be erected prior to the driving at waterborne. The maximum speed in water was 4km/h. The VBL armored vehicle can be lifted, air transported and dropped by a transport airplane or helicopter in a long distance fighting.



《Introduction to Model》 Plastics assembly model of French Army The length of VBL light mobile armored reconnaissance vehicle with the scale of 1/35 was 58mm, the width was 61mm, and the height was 60mm. The total six hatch covers and doors can be closed or open. The window glass and lamp were transparent accessories. The inside delicate structure exhibited the details of seat, weapon ammunition equipment and communication equipment, etc. The four tires, made of TPE plastics with delicate details, were rotary. The precision accessories of engine protection net were photo etched metal accessories. The model was armed with delicate metal slings. The suites can be produced like French Army style and NATO tri-color coating. It contained an abundant water sticker and color coating manual.

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