U.S. Army M1A1 MBT

《Introduction of Real Vehicle》M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank is the primary Abrams Main Battle Tank of United States Army and United States Marine Corps. The purpose is to replace M60 Patton Series tank, which was put into service in 1980. The series included M1, M1A1 and new model M1A2. M1 was equipped with a 105mm tank gun in the beginning, and M256-120mm tank gun was used from M1A1. A gas turbine with the power of 1,500 horse powers was used as the engine. American has been outfitting this type of tank since 1980s till now, which has been used in Gulf War, Iraq War and War in Afghanistan.

《Data of Real Vehicle》

Full length: 9.77m

Width: 3.7m

Height: 2.4m

Passengers: 4

Weight: 61t

Maximum power: 1,200 kw

Maximum velocity:72 km/h

《Model Dimension》

Full length: 139mm

Width: 51mm

Height: 35mm

《Introduction to Model》 1/72 proportion The full length (front of tank gun) of American M1A1 main battle tank plastics assembly model is 139mm, and the width is 51mm. The turret can rotate freely. The travel mechanism is an integral mould, which facilitates the assembly of model. The periscope and bullet proof glass are made of transparent rubber slabs. The accessory armor components realize the details of real vehicle body and turret armor. The bottom net of storage basket at the end of tank gun is made of metal photo etched metal accessories components. The suite can be produced in a style of United States Army and coated to dessert yellow and NATO tricolor camouflage. It contains a piece of water sticker and instruction on colorful painting.


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