CUTE SERIES Japan KI-84 Fighter No.:102

Japan Ki-84 warplane of cartoon cute series warplane tank at WWII. The No. is 102. The Japan Ki-84 swift wind is a famous main force warplane at WWII. The cartoon design retains the original style according to the features of real plane. It is expected to give you a pleasant assembly and status.

<Introduction to Real Plane> Japanese Army KI-84 “swift wind” warplane was used at the end of WWII. The original type of plane was put into service in 1942, and was officially used in Japanese Army in 1944. For the early types of planes, it is equipped with a set of Ha-45 air-cooled engine with the power of 1,900 horsepower. It has two autocannons with the thickness of 20mm and two 12.7mm autocannons and machine guns, which are installed at the left/right wings, respectively, or it can hang two 250KG bombs. Japanese Army named it four-type warplane after the acceptable and named it “swift wind”. The Ki-84 was expected to maintain the glory of zero fighter in the beginning of war and destroy the American warplanes like the swift wind cleaning the leaves. It also means the action is swift like lightning. The army expected great expectation from the swift wind and called it the final battle plane in East Asia. The Japanese expected to change the disadvantageous situation in Pacific Theater and re-gain the right of way. Consequently, while it can attach any American warplane, it did not play a significant role due to thousands of American warplanes every day.

《Photo 》

《Appearance of model》

<Introduction to the Model> KI-84 “swift wind” warplane is CUTE series plane model. It has the cute appearance, also the appearance is almost identical to the real one. Some features of real plane are saved and etched, and some local features are exaggerated and cartooned. It does not need to apply glue on the cartoon KI-84 “swift wind” warplane plastics assembly model. The hatch cover uses the transparent plastic components, i.e. the front windscreen and hatch cover, respectively. The cabin covers a seat operation rod, etc. the main wheel is rotary, and the delicate components at the rear side show the tail wheel. The propeller is rotary. The suite can be made to the Japanese Army style and green coating. It contains an abundant water sticker, non-adhesive sticker and instruction on color coating.

《Painting of side view of model plane 》

《Data on real vehicle》

Full length: 9.9m

Wing span: 11.2m

Height: 3.4m

Bare weight: 2.6t

Maximum power (maximum horse power): 1397 Kw

Maximum speed: 686 km/h

  《Model dimension》

Width: 126mm

Height: 63mm

Length: 95mm

Quantity of components: 31  pieces


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