U.S. PantherII Mine-clearing tank

《Introduction of Real Vehicle》Another special type is American M1 Abrams Panther II. It is a remote control mine-clearing vehicle with the weight of 43ton. The tank gun of MQ Abrams Main Battle Tank is removed and the remote control system produced by Omnitech Company and mine-clearing rollers are installed to form M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. The mine-clearing rollers can let defensive mine of vehicles establish a safety access in a dangerous area and clear the mine zone with the area of 20,000-50,000 square feet. The rolling clear-mining machine consists of rollers, traction frame, suspension mechanism and linking device, etc. The weight of steel rollers is used to press and blast the mines. The result on cleaning the single-press and detonating the mine is good, and the anti-detonation performance is good as well. However, it cannot clear the blast resistance mine and mines with magnetic induction fuze. Moreover, the mechanism is clumsy and has great impact on the maneuvering performance.

《Data of Real Vehicle》

Full length: 9.77m

Width: 3.7m

Height: 2.6m

Passengers: /

Weight: 43t

Maximum power: 1,200 kw

Maximum velocity:72 km/h

《Model Dimension》

Full length: 142mm

Width: 51mm

Height: 37mm

《Introduction to Model》1/72 proportion, The full length (mine-clearing roller) of American M1 “Panther” mine-clearing tank plastic assembly model is 142mm, and the width is 51mm. The travel mechanism is an integral mould, which facilitates the assembly of model. The periscope and bullet proof glass are made of transparent rubber slabs. Two types of mine-clearing devices, i.e. mine plow and mine-clearing plough. The suite can be produced in a style of Untied States Army and coated to green. It contains a piece of water sticker and instruction on colorful painting.


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